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Bee Bowen’s Hand Dyed Textiles

For Bee Bowen hand dying all began in India where she’d won a scholarship to study artisan production a few years ago. Many traditional crafts that have almost died out in the west are still being practised in India. Bee spent a few weeks working with a tie dye artisan and learning about dyeing, which was a life changing experience for her.

Unfortunately, elsewhere in India, Bee also got to see the ugly side of textile manufacturing, chemical dyes running off factories into fields where food crops were being grown. This confirmed her decision to pursue natural dyeing. She decided then that whatever she did had to conform to the values of slow sustainability and slow fashion.

When Bee returned to Australia, she discovered that it’s the perfect place for natural dyeing. There were such amazing trees on her doorstep available all year round, and every day she’s discovering new plants and trees that are good for dyeing.

Bee is bringing her gorgeous scarves and accessories to MADE BRIGHTON – 23 – 25 September