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A New Product by Curvalinea

Remarkable curves make Curvalinea special and this year they have been working to make these all the more delicious. Very hush hush just now, but Curvalinea plan to launch a new product, The Binary Threesome at MADE BRIGHTON this September.

The Binary Threesome is a brand new and original set of low tables based on Curvalinea’s popular Bean and Comma shapes. Two can fit with each-other as a central coffee table, they can work as a pair at either end of your sofa, or move to wherever you want to put them. Each one fits with either of the others, and they can be scaled up to fit a larger space.

The Binary Threesome will be available to order in a fabulous choice of surfaces with textures ranging from silky to shiny, rough to smooth, a great range of choices for your personal space. Curvalinea will be exhibiting the first Threesome prototype at MADE BRIGHTON, September 22-25.